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The New York City Lighting Council is an information source and champion for issues involving the use of lighting in and about the New York Cityscape. The Council provides web-based resources for the public, and serves as a forum and reference for lighting professionals.
NYCLC is founded and managed by the New York City Section of the IES.
The NYC Lighting Council creates Lighting 311 Website to serve as a resource for information on NYC policies, practices and awareness with regard to public lighting.
Learn what NYC laws, rules, and codes effect lighting design
  • Energy Usage
  • Light Levels
  • Placement and Types of Lighting
  • Safety
Learn about lighting design
  • Professional Classes and Programs
  • Higher Education
  • Video Interviews
  • Discover Lighting
  • IES Education Portal
  • Lighting History
Learn about online resources on lighting design
  • IES Library
  • ASHRAE Advanced Energy Guides
  • Lighting Design Magazines
  • Finding Light Fixtures
  • Calculating Light

Featured Lighting Events in NYC:
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NYC Energy Conservation Code Alert  The DOB will be announcing soon a new Energy Conservation Code.  This new code will take effect in September 2016. Further details to follow.  Sign-up for our newsletter to receive emailed notifications.
New Lean And Green Laws for NYC Owned Buildings The New York City Council passed two laws that show the City of New York truly leads by example. The new legislation - 701-A and its sister 721-A - both amend the city’s current LEED law, strengthening existing sustainability requirements and introducing new measures that will make NYC-owned buildings among the most efficient in the country. Most striking? Most new city buildings and major retrofits will need to achieve LEED Gold and cut energy use in half. Read More

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ASHRAE 90.1 Addenda Out For Public Review
currently two ASHRAE 90.1 addends are out for public review - both propose reductions in the retail and decorative allowances.  The comment period closing on March 13.  Read More

ASHRAE 90.1 Addenda Out For Public Review

Currently two ASHRAE 90.1 addends are out for public review - both propose reductions in the retail and decorative allowances. The comment period closes on March 13. Read More

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has recently determined that Lighting Design Services are subject to sales tax.

UPDATE: The IALD announces NYS Tax Department backs away from "retroactive" sales tax enforcement, but redefines sales tax based on "point of delivery". More Information